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M. Sc and PhD from college of science, Kufa and Babylon university in medical microbiology. Lecturer of Medical bacteriology in Dentistry college of Babylon university (2003-2007) and Kufa university (from 2007 till now). Author of several scientific peer-review journals in and outside Iraq. Work in field of pathogenic bacteria and antibiotic resistance at molecular level. Lecturer and trainer in several PCR workshops in and outside university.
1- Molecular detection of antibiotic resistance

2- Molecular diagnosis of microorganisms

3- Genotyping by Pulsed field gel electrophoresis

4- Purification and description of bacterial enzymes

1- General Microbiology

2- Medical microbiology

3- Molecular biology

4- Antibiotics

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2- Al Sehlawi, Z.S.; Almohana, A.M.; Al Thahab, A.O. (2012). Occurrence and Detection of Carbapenem Resistance Genes in Klebsiella pneumoniae Clinical Isolates in Najaf Hospitals. (Accepted ) University of Kufa. Journal of Biology. 5(2): 2013.

3- Al Sehlawi, Z.S. (2008). A Bacteriological study on Urinary Tract Infections Associated With Catheterization of Hospitalized Patient.Babylon university journal for applied and pure science. 2(18):452-461.

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