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Name: Isra Mahmoud Badr Ali Hearing Date Place of birth: Basra 11/09/1981 Status :/ unmarried Workplace: Faculty of Law and Political Science Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer Specialization: Law / Constitutional Law Worked. Legal assistant in the College of Education for Girls in 2006 and worked as a legal assistant in the Legal Affairs / University of Kufa in 2008 and as a legal assistant in the College of Engineering in 2008 and now I work Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Law and Political Science since 2011 and so far University degrees: 1 - got a Bachelor of Law / University of Babylon / College of Law in 2003 Very good grade 2 - got a master's degree in law from the University of Kufa / Faculty of Law in 2011 a very good grade.
I have research interests in constitutional law Tail is replaced specialization and the promise of this law of many issues related to the constitution and the state, for example I have research interests on human rights, especially the rights of Almrah Iraqi particular the availability of legal protection of these rights in Iraq and lost the 2005 Constitution and to anyover got Almrah Iraqi on these rights. also have research interests topics relating to constitutions and political systems adopted by the countries of the world, whether Arab states or foreign or competencies exercised by the head of state (the executive branch) in different political systems and the compatibility of this Alalamyat with properties or staff systemspolitical applicable.
I have concerns teaching constitutional law and political systems
1 - the legal system of producer responsibility 2008 magazine Qadisiyah Legal and Political Science / Faculty of Law University of Qadisiyah

2 - legislative competence of the head of state in the traditional Republican parliamentary system

 - Iraq model - 2010 Journal of Kufa Legal and Political Science / University of Kufa

           3 - Moroccan Constitutional Council and its role in overseeing the constitutionality of laws 2011 Journal of Kufa Legal and Political Science / College of Law and Political Sciences / University of Kufa

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