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Iyad Kadhim Hadi JLo  BA University of Baghdad BA University of Baghdad Master Mustansiriya University / political studies Received assignment (decision section, information officer, responsible for the rates) Obtain a certificate of the computer twice and teaching methods to twice Through active participation in these seminars Participate in the sessions outside Iraq in the Arab League (preparation of professional trainers) in the Arab League Married and have two children
Concentrated attention to research published on the World Wide Web in particular by addressing the events on the scene and developments

Acquisition of books with themes of good sense of different laws

Follow-up of the most important research through global conferences and research in the world and try to get them through the publication of books and publications of these conferences

- Find wrote political diplomacy and international relations, especially in book fairs even outside the country so that we can benefit from them in the presentation of information for the purpose of diplomacy taught to students in accordance with the curriculum and modern scientific research

- To seek modern teaching methods courses for high contemporary style processions in the global teaching approach

1 - Syrian stance of contemporary Iran issues

2 - Israeli intervention in Eritrea

3 - Cyprus problem between Turkey and Iran

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