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Basil Mohsen Mohanna Silverline Omairi BA in Political Science / Baghdad University / Faculty of Political Science Master in International Studies / University of Mustansiriya / Faculty of Political Science PhD student international studies / International Relations / Baghdad University / Faculty of Political Science Specialization: Political Science International Relations wokld politics, international organizations, human rights Training, skills and expertise: 1 - mastering the Arabic language and the English language fluently accommodating and Ea, writing and Sociology 2 - integrated experience on different types of advanced software and systems and software 3 - I worked in the Iraqi High Criminal Court in many humanitarian organizations, especially after the fall of the former regime
International relations, international politics world politics, and foreign policy of the countries on the stage of world politics

And strategic planning, strategic thinking, interdependence and interaction of these studies with international politics in general and particularly foreign study

Interest in ideas and political theories, and the international political organizations

The attention to theories of political sociology and the impact of these theories on human rights.

Science and the political and legal terms and all his money and close relationship with world politics

And international studies and fields of international relations and international organizations and fields of thought and strategic thinking and political study of political sociology and political teaching of human rights and economic, social and cultural rights.

And the Study of Democracy as a method and system of life and the extent of harmonization between theory and practice any between privacy and public and what are the constraints and ways to success.

1 - the strategy of pre-emptive strike and its impact on U.S. strategic thinking (analysis calendar)

2 - U.S. vision of the UN after 2001 (research published in the Journal of International Studies - Center for International Studies - University of Baghdad)

3 - obstacles to democracy in the Third World societies (Search completed in press)

Research of others Closed

1 - The role of the Japanese military in the political decision-making process outside

2 - The role of conservatives, neo-liberals in the political decision-making process outside

3 - U.S. foreign policy direction of the Central Asian republics after the Cold War

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