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B.D.S in dentistry and oral surgery from college of Dentistry/ university of Baghdad (1990), Msc in prosthodontics from college of Dentistry/ university of Baghdad(2000). Lecturer of Dental Technology department/college of Medical and health technologies/The foundation of Technical institutes. Identity card of Iraqi Association issued in 1990. Training course in ceramic at the institute of Dental Technology 1992. Training course in complete denture at institute of Medical Technology/ Baghdad 1994.
1- partial denture construction.

2-computrerized aided partial denture design.

3-Implant supported over denture.

4-Maxillofacial prosthesis.

5-Flexible complete and partial denture.

6-smart material in dentistry.

1-Chroum cobalt removable partial denture.

2-flexible complete and partial denture.

3-CAD CAM technique for partial denture design.

4-implant supported over denture.

5-immediat denture.

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