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Hussein eliwi Aeshun. First appointment at the university in 1992, and a teacher assistant in the College of Education for Girls, and Chairman of the test scores of 8 years and the decision of the Department of Education and Psychology, and in 2005 was transferred to the Faculty of Law and Political Science University of Kufa, then the decision of the Department of Political Science for two years, participated in four conferences within the university Conference within the University of Qadisiyah, have been promoted to assistant professor with 2010 me ??13 published research and discussed five Atarih master 4 at the University of Kufa and one at the University of Baghdad.
Concentrated research within the general framework in political science and in private within the framework of international relations and constitutional law
1 - Constitutional Law

2 - Political Systems

3 - Development and Alliance

4 - Turkey and Iran

1 - Israeli ambitions in the waters of the Litani

2 - Israeli ambitions in the West Bank Water

3 - the U.S. presence in Afghanistan

4 - Bahrain Canal Project

5 - Peace in the concept of Israel

6 - Arab Spring and the regional repercussions

7 - Israeli concept of peace

8 - the legal status of security companies

9 - roommate Zionism

10 - administrative corruption

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