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Name:. Dalal tafkeer Murad al aredhi Date and place of birth Najaf 07/06/1981 Workplace: I work as a teacher assistant at the Faculty of Law and Political Science - University of Kufa - Got Bachelor Chhah from Babylon University School of Law in 2007 ranked first at 78 in 2003 I got a master's degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Babylon in 2007 Major General Law on Specialization Civil Law Marital Status Married and I have one child Date of appointment in the Faculty of Law of the University of Kufa 1/3/2009
Cared everything related specialization year, private law branch civil law all matters relating to this law, all matters relating to sources of commitment and ordinances as well as well as everything related to substance civil contracts and material Code of Civil Procedure in terms of the evolution of this law and all the amendments that occur on these materials and everythingregard to civil law as well as of selected topics in this law to do scientific research that increase in the evolution of this law and offering to make it keep pace with the developments that occur in the time banning
Dealing with all the materials that I have taught in the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the Law Department

Entrance policy law - first stage

Material History of Law - a first step

Material labor law - a third stage

Article Code of Civil Procedure fourth stage

Material Evidence Act - the fourth stage

1 - Research entitled ensure hidden defects sales - a comparative study - research published in the Journal of the Islamic University College - No. 16-2012

2 - Search titled buyer apparent in the sales contract - in progress -

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