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I worked in Al-Fadul a private agricultural Company, specialized in Agricultural Diseases consultancy, or solutions two years. I have gained good experience in insect control and diseases that attack crops. 2008- 2012 Assistant researcher at Plant Protection Department / Faculty of Agriculture University of Kufa, lecturing the following subjects; Biological Control, Plant Diseases, Principles of Microbiology and Nematodes.
1. Identification of Fungi

2. Identification of Bacteria

3. Composts

1. Plant diseases

2. Principles of Microbiology

3. Biological Control

4. Fungi

-A.Almunam, U. A. , 2011. The Effect of some chemical compounds on Biological and Physiological sides of Fungi Aspergillus niger , Fusarium solani and Rhizoctonia solani and its effect on germination and growth of rice plants. Kufa Journal for Agriculture, 3(2), pp. 261_276.

-Aljaafri, W.A. , A.A.munam, U.A. , Ktab, A., 2012. The susceptibility some testing of rice infection by Fusarium solani and its Biological control. The biological Journal of Kufa University, 4(1), pp.7-19.

The title of my M.Sc thesis was ( The effect of composts on population density of Fungi in desert soils and their importance on growth parameters and yield of tomato plants ) . Therefore, I have attached below in this Email the abstract part for all of them because they were wrote in Arabic language. please Email me if you have any notes or you need further information.

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