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UOK A-Z index

Department of Microbiology University of Kufa Kufa, P.O.Box 45 Najaf Governorate, Iraq
1. Study the Bacteriological and molecular epidemiology of zoonses- Brucellosis and Salmonellosis

2. Bacteriological isolation methods from body fluids (blood)

3. Study the emergence of MDR bacteria

4. Study some aspects of Microbial Ecology pollution

1. Veterinary Microbiology (bacteriology)

2. Immunology

1. Alhatami AO, Awanees AM, and Al-Thwani AN. A modified technique for the isolation of Brucella species from cases of pyrexia of unknown origin. Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology.2002,Vol.1(1):138-147.

2. Al-Thwani AN, Awanees AM, Dosh NA, Alhatami AO. Modified trypticase soya broth medium for the isolation of Brucella species. Journal of Veterinarian . 2002,Vol.12(2).

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6. Samaka HM, Al-Dabhawi AH, Al-Naqeeb MM, Alhatami AO, and Al-Rufai HM. Genotyping of Candida albicanis iolated from Turkeys by 25S interon analysis. Researches of first Conference of facultry of Veterinary Medicine- University of Kufa 28-29 dec. 2011:54-62.

Accepted paper for publication:

7. Samaka HM, Alhatami AO, and Mohammed KG. Evaluation of the toxocell latex agglutination test as screening test and distribution of toxoplasma antibodies among sexually active people in Najaf city. Kufa journal for nursing Sciences. 2012; 2(1):121-129.

8. Al-Haidarey MJS, and Alhatami AO. The determination of total mercury in blood and urine samples collected from people, work in and living beside the Al-Furat Company for Industrial Chemistry-Saddat Al-Hindia\ Iraq. Journal of kufa University for Biology Sciences.2012; 4(1)—

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