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He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Baghdad / College of Arts jurisdiction geopolitics, oversaw many of the theses and thesis doctorate and published numerous research in the field of jurisdiction, and discussed many of the messages in Iraqi universities and author of a book regional role for Turkey, there are other books in print including geographical renewable energy. Teaching in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Kufa since 1992 and until now, and I practice teaching in graduate studies and preliminary.
Research Interests

- geopolitical research

- Food Security

- Natural disasters

- Geography International Relations

- Geographic of energy

- Geographical elections

- Research strategy

- Geographic of ethnic

Faculty concerns

- Industrial Geography

- Geography of oil and energy

- Geographic of state power

- Regional geography

- Geography of Human Development

- Geographical environment

Research published selected

1 - grain production strategy in Iraq and its impact on the achievement of food security (wheat model) Journal of Ethics Kufa, Issue 11, the fifth year, March 2012

2 - The future of consumption and depletion of energy sources with a focus on global fossil energy sources, Journal of Geographical Research, College of Education, No. XV, 2012

3 - The concept of sustainable development criteria and application prospects in Iraq (with a focus on the degradation of water resources used in the agricultural sector), the scientific journal Karbala University / m / 7 p (2) scientific 2009

4 - the final demarcation of the border between political Qatar, Bahrain and the future of their relationship, magazine etiquette Kufa / fifth issue, the second year, 2009

5 - and geographical traveler Ibn Said Moroccan, Journal of Ethics Kufa, eighth issue, the fourth year, 2011

6 - problems related to Arab water security and environmental protection status quo and future prospects, Journal of the college of Arts, University of Baghdad, Issue 61, 2002

7 - globalization and the knowledge economy, Journal of Geographical Research, College of Education, University of Kufa, Issue st century, 2009

8 - analytical study of the environmental school in geography, Journal of College of Education for the Humanities / second edition 2008.

9 - Omani job site in the light of regional and international developments during the Cold War and beyond, Journal of Geographical Research Seventh Issue 2006 College of Education / University of Kufa

10 - economic integration and joint Arab market, Sadeer magazine - the first issue of the first year 2003 college of Arts - University of Kufa

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