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She holds a bachelor's degree and Master and Ph.D. from the University of Baghdad. specialization in community health (women's health), assumed the former Director of the Division Management Nursing inNajaf Health and also worked in a unit of health education .holds several thanks (9) from the Minister of Health (5) the President of the University of Kufa (12) from the Director l of the Department of Health Najaf and was named science teacher 2011. A member of the following committees: Member of the governing body of the Scientific Association Iraqi Nursing and Midwifery Scientific Committee at the Department of Community Health, the Committee on educational guidance, follow-up committee research students, the Committee extraction research upgrade, the Commission updated curricula, Council Committee Quality Assurance, the Commission its sources exams, clinical committee its sources of graduates, to follow-up committee of academic accreditation, the follow-up committee periodic residence.
designing of a training program for nurses on managementfor breast cancer and distributed to all hospitals in the province of Najaf, 2011

designing of First Aid 2012

Assess the level of awareness of mothers regarding early diagnosis of urinary tract infection when their children

Nursing College students behaviors coexistence with the pressures of life

Prevalence of hypertension among blood groups

Community Health

Mental health nursing

Health Administration

Health Education

Assessment of women’s level of awareness towards reproductive health in Baghdad city.

Effectiveness of An education Program on Nurses 'Knowledge about Management of Breast Cancer"

Knowledge of smokers parents regarding environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) effects on their children health

Knowledge of prenatal care nurses toward pregnant women with Toxoplasmosis

Determination the feelings of disabled adolescents toward optimism in AL- Noor & AL- Amal centers

Assessment the Level of menstrual awareness among female Students in Nursing College”

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