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She holds a master's degree in geography from the University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts degree in geography neighborhoods, teaching in the department since 2009. And holds a teaching methods course set up in the College of Education in 2009. Cycle computer (ICDL) set up in the presidency of the university in 2008. And post workshop held in the Faculty of Arts / Department of Geography, which was entitled the port of Mubarak and its impact on navigation in Iraq. And a member of the honors for the Humanities Conference (first) held at the Faculty of Arts in 2008. And teaching experience in the Department of Geography for three years and for several subjects. Holds some Alckrat from prestigious destinations.
Research Interests:

Study in geographic neighborhoods

study in medical geography

Study of Women's Affairs

Teaching Interests:

geographic neighborhoods

geographic transport and trade

Freedom and Democracy


Geography of the Arab World

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