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General Specialization: geography Specific Specialization: Geomorphology Certification Academic certificates : Bachelor Kufa University / College of Education for Girls 1999_2000 Master of the University of Kufa / Faculty of Arts 2005 Acknowledgements: 1) College- Acknowledgement number 2853 date 10/7/2007 college education for girls 2) College- Acknowledgement number 3050 date 18/7/2010 College of Law 3) University- Acknowledgement number 23279 Date 08/29/2011 University of Kufa 4) College- Acknowledgement number 652 Date 2/2/2012 Faculty of Arts
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English Language Efficient / University of Babylon 2001

2) Computer Efficiency _ / University of Kufa 2011

3) Educational Qualification _ / University of Kufa 2011

Posts scientific conferences and type of participation

1- Conference geographical orientations to address food security in Iraq -March 2011 Faculty of Arts

2 -Fifth International Conference (prospects for sustainable development in the Arab and African countries) 17_20/12/2011

Published scientific research

Physical data of the desert area's between Karbala and Najaf, and the possibility of olive cultivation and development of high oil magazine-

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