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He holds a master's degree from the University of Kufa, the jurisdiction of the problems of the urban environment - environmental pollution and Urban Geography, and Ph.D. from the University of Basra in the geographical jurisdiction and city services (geographic health). Iraqi member of the National Geographic Society since 2002, and member of the Iraqi teachers union since 2005, and the decision of the Department of civil society for the period (2008-2009) and (2010-2011), and participant in many local and national conferences and international in various fields of science.
Research Interests:

1 - environmental issues, pollution and climate change local and global.

2 - contemporary social problems and civil society issues.

3 - Space Science Engineering and Astronomy.

4 - Super Science relapse and materials technology of the future.

5 - sustainable development.

6 - renewable energies and clean biotechnology in the fields of industry and human resources.

7 - Islamic history and art ideological debates.

8 - Urban and Regional Planning of cities and ancient Islamic architecture and contemporary.

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