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He holds a bachelor's degree in geography (2003) and a very good grade and the first installment, and a master's degree in geography Industrial (2007) and a doctorate in geography Development and Regional Planning (2012), working in the magazine "ethics Kufa", then the work scheduled for the Department of Geography at Faculty of Arts University of Kufa from (20072009), holds a number of books thanks and appreciation certificates from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and some heads of universities and institutions Iraqi, Arab and international, involved in a number of international scientific conferences and Arab and Iraqi forces. Member of the Preparatory Committee for the Scientific Conference of food security in Iraq / University of Kufa 2011, member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference GEOTUNIS / Tunisian Association of Digital Geographic Information 2012, member of the Scientific Committee of the Court of the International Conference of Arab ensure the quality of higher education / Association of Arab Universities (2011, 2012, 2013) , and director of quality assurance in the Faculty of Arts.
Research Interests:

1. Industrial Geographic.

2. Development and regional planning.

3. Environmental problems.

4. Media and community affairs.

5. Quality in higher education.

Scientific research:

1 - manufacturing industries and their importance in Iraq, Journal of the Faculty of Education, University of Babylon, April 2008.

2 - industrial pollution in the province of Najaf, Journal of Ethics Kufa, number (3), 2008.

3 - means of educational guidance and its importance to students, Proceedings of the First National Conference for the development of higher education - University of Kufa December 24-25, 2008.

4 - the university and the estate and their role in community service, a special issue of the proceedings of the prospects of cooperation between the estate and the university, the Center for the Study of Kufa in collaboration with the Foundation for third parties, 2009.

5 - geographical electoral parties in Turkey, accepted for publication, the College of Basic Education

Teaching Interests:

1. Industrial Geographic.

2. Maps and aerial photographs.

3. Basic skills in planning.

4. Development and Planning.

5. Media and Communication.

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