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B.Sc. and M.Sc. from University of Baghdad (college of Nursing) in general specially :nursing , specific / Mental Health Nursing . Previously worked in the Ministry of Health / Department of Health Najaf governorate. according controls periodic residence for nursing collegians in heart recovery unit, general operation room and dialysis unit in Al-Hakeem general hospital –Najaf. Transition to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/ University of Kufa/ faculty of nursing since 2006 –2007 till now. Certificate of appreciation from ministry of health (1); Director General Health Najaf (2)and President of the University of Kufa (5). The was named scientific assistant lecturer 2012. Member of the committees following : chairman and member of the 29 committee in nursing collegians of the university of Kufa.
- Psychological problems and rate of spread.

- Psychological Metrics.

- Psychological well-being .

- Mental Health Nursing .

- Medicine Sociology.

- Psychology .

Zan M. H.; Khudair K. A.: Impact Of Social Phobia Upon Self-Esteem Of Nursing Collegians In Iraq, IRAQI National Journal Of Nursing Specialists, Vol. 25, Special Issue, 2012.

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