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M.B.Ch.B. M.Sc. P.HD from university of Baghdad-college of medicine. Head of unit of anatomy ,college of medicine .university of kufa since 1995. Lecturer in anatomy in the college of medicine,dentist, pharmacy,nursing,(university of kufa)
Cytogenetic , Molecular biology, Cytology, Histology,
Molecular Biology,Cytology,Histology,Hematology
1-incidence and risk factors of spina bifida in iraq 1999 kufa medical journal .

2-eye-head coordination in the cat and the role of superior colliculus

1999 kufa medical journal.

3-the effect of sensory nerve on skin :histological study 2007kufa medical journal.

4-the extent of elbow movement in Iraqi rheumatoid patients 2007kufa medical journal.

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