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I completed my BSc. in Kufa University College of art , department of Geography in 2002. I was in the first grade in my department . I was employed in the same college in 2006 . Then I completed my MSa. in 2009 after that I get gratuated in 2012 from kufa university , College of art department of Geograohy . Now , I am a lecture in the College of Physical Planning and at the same time I am a student of Php in College of Art , Kufa University. department of Geography.
-Urban and agricultural land use .

-Remote sensing.

-Geographical information system(GIS).

-Geographical statistical.

-Sustainable development.

-Environmental safety.


-Remote sensing for primary studies.
- Estimainion of ground cover areas in the province of Najaf by using remote sensing.

-Specification of agricultural and in the province of Najaf by using remote sensing techniques , Facts of First Scienific Conference of the Faculty of Physical Planning 19-20/2012 , University of Kufa

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