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M.Sc. physics from al-mustansiriyah university. - In 1978 I was responsible for metrological station in middle and south of Iraq . - in 1989 assist lecturer in the girl education college - in 1998 lecturer in the girl education college - in 2008 assist professor
Solar energy field.

2. in stardom university of kufa

3. Medical physics

4. Remote sensor and atmospheric radiation

1.Near space and metrology

2.Mechanics, motion wave

3.Infrared radiation

4.Solar radiation

1.On the stability of periodic solution of NLDE2003,Babylon university journal.

2.Oscillation of ocean atmosphere 2006, Babylon university journal.

3.Computer program to calculation the clebsch Gardeen cofficency 2007 ,Qadissaya journal of pure science .

4.An investigation of the atmosphere turbidity of sixteen Iraqi location , scientific journal of Karbala university ,

5.Calculation of link turbidity in atmospheric over Iraq by solar constant ,kufa journal of physics.

6.Calculation of net solar radiation in Iraq and application, Qadissaya journal (conference).

7.Study of the expansion of supernova remnants(1987A) in the interstellar using Sedov model 204 Qadissaya.

8.Study theoretical of supernova remnants (1987A) by using povada model 2012,7,3, the Qar university journal.

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