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He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Babylon in the jurisdiction Albayumikanek and sports training, research scientist in the field of sports training and Albayumikanek, a member of several international conferences, the representative of Iraq in several international tournaments, the recipient of several medals for Iraq in the effectiveness of the javelin, Branch Chief individual games inCollege of Physical Education in 2008, Associate Dean for administrative Affairs the Mnzu 2009 He holds a patent in the manufacture of a training assistant
1- Use devices manufactured in the attic of athletic training

2- Albayumikanek Sports

3- Games track and field

4- Kinetic analysis

5- Using scientific methods (laser) in the attic of training

1- Albayumikanek Sports

2- kinetic analysis

3- Athletic Training

4- Games track and field

5- Fitness

1- a flexible relationship torso and thighs completion of 110 meter hurdles / descriptive search players on the team Najaf youth.

2- jumping from relationship stability and movement (vertical, horizontal) the level of the bottom of the foot (medial arch).

3- high angles relationship hopscotch and step and jump on the vertical and horizontal speed of the players triple jump world champions in South Korea 2011.

Research accepted for publication

1- compared to the contribution of the man the front and rear in the final stage flinging the effectiveness of the javelin and the relationship of accomplishment empirical research on the players javelin national team

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