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I got a bachelor's degree in Sharia and Islamic sciences from the Faculty of Jurisprudence Kufa University in 1990 and received a master's degree in Islamic Science Koran and talk in 2009 and I'm at the stage of doctoral joined the session in teaching methods in 2010 and received a certificate of Computer in 2010
That the interests of research within the circle of specialists in the science of the Koran and the Hadith where I left research in the science of talk about the updated (Humaid bin Muslim) who narrated curse Bukhari lot of chatter in the Saheeh, either in the field of science Koran gotta try to study one interpretations marked interpretation, statementhappiness in shrines clinic,, to Slltan the Ali Shah Gananide, which classifies within the mystical curriculum in interpretation.
My teaching interests are limited to specialty Sharia and Islamic sciences, which includes entrance to the Islamic law and personal status law
I have published research under the title (interpretation of the Koran between necessity and detail), where I mentioned it to different points of view, one urges on the interpretation of the Koran from the possibility of knowledge and the other are the basis of interpretation of some chatter from which to understand the jurisdiction of interpretation of a particular category.

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