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First: - General Information - Full name: - d. Ahmed Hussein Gulab Jabr al-Fatlawi. - Current job: - university professor - University of Kufa. - Taught at the Faculty of Law \ University of Kufa. - Taught at the Faculty of Management and Economics \ University of Kufa. - Oversaw the legal affairs at the college in question. - Lectured private international law in the Iraqi Judicial Institute. - Delivered lectures at a number of training courses inside and outside the university. Second: - Qualifications - Holds a bachelor's degree in law, magna cum laude in the top ten on the course for the academic year 1999-2000. - Holds a master's degree in private law a very good grade at a rate of 83.73 first section for the year 2001-2002. - Holds a doctorate in philosophy of law your good grade and high rate of 78.73 on 25/12/2006.
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There is currently no content to view in this section.
- The legal system to prove their nationality (Master's thesis).

- The legal system to hold the investment (doctoral dissertation).

- Obstacles attribution of civil liability for physical damage. (Published research).

- The expiration of the investment. (Published research).

- Forms of trade and investment areas (published research).

- The law applicable to the obligations arising from the investment contract. (Published research).

- Legal adaptation of the civil responsibility of the doctor ((published research).

- Financial incentives for foreign investment in Iraq. (Published research).

- Economic globalization and nationalism company. (Published research).

- The extent to undergo investment relations with the rules of international cross-national. (Published research).

- Brief named in the contracts (book in progress).

- Sources outlined in the provisions of the commitment of the Iraqi civil law No. 40 of 1951, as amended (the book in progress).

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