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Name: Adel Youssef Abdel Nabi Imran Shukri Date of birth: 04/06/1974 Career Title: teaching the angel of the Faculty of Law / University of Kufa Degree: teacher   Education: - Holds a bachelor's degree in public law / Faculty of Law / University of Babylon for the academic year 1996 - 1997 and the top ten. - Holds a master's degree in public law - criminal law - and average (80.07) and a very good grade and sequence first installment of the Faculty of Law / University of Babylon in 2005. - Holds the scientific title of Assistant Lecturer on 11/12/2005. Previous and current jobs: - The legal representative of the General Company for Southern Cement - Kufa Cement Plant as a contractor - I worked in the legal profession for a period of nine years starting from 28/07/1997 until 12/10/2005 and I put my trust in more than a thousand civil suit and the criminal and the legitimacy of the Crown several decisions issued by the Court of Cassation and federal courts of appeal have been published, some of their importance in magazines legal court, such as Journal of justice. - Solicitor General for the presidency of the University of Kufa under the the numbered plenary agencies of QSC / 11059 on 10/8/2008 and QSC / 16179 31/8/2008. The trust in many of the civil and criminal proceedings and disciplinary has been resolved in favor of the university, including approximately (20) suit administrative, disciplinary and punitive. - Director of the Legal Department of the presidency of the University of Kufa for the years 2008, 2009. - Head of the Department of Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Kufa.   Scientific expertise: 1 Teacher of Criminal Procedure, the fourth stage in the Faculty of Law - University of Kufa since the academic year 2005 and the morning and evening studies. 2 Teacher of the Penal Code - the section on the morning Phase III studies in the Faculty of Law - University of Kufa for the year 2006
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There is currently no content to view in this section.
Research published and closed

1 Informatics crime and criminal crisis of legitimacy (published research).

2 criminal liability to the doctor for pregnant abortion (published research).

3 guarantees the accused before the High Criminal Court in the trial stage (A Comparative Study) (published research).

4 criminal protection for electronic payment cards (Comparative Study) (published research).

5 rights of the convict in the implementation phase punitive Comparative Study (published research).

6 the authority of the judge in the criminal proof of crime Informatics (in press).

7 liberties protections for crime in the face of Informatics (in press).

8 Criminal legitimacy in Islamic jurisprudence (in press)

9 Recent trends in the definition of unintentional error Comparative Study (published research)

10 crime of rape in the light of the policy of criminalization and punishment Contemporary (comparative analytical study) (in press)

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