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B.Sc. (1980) from Basrah uiversity , M.Sc (1983) in Microbiology from Basrah university, Ph.D (1998) in parasitology, from Baghdad university
- Pathalogical effect (immunity and physoloigy) in patient infected with protozoa and helminthes parasite .

- Pathalogical effect (immunity and physoloigy) in veterinary animal infected with protozoa and helminthes parasite .

- Systermatic and taxonomy of fish and aquatic bird parasite .

- Pathogenic parasite .

- Aquatic birds and fish parasite public health .

- Public health .

- Parasitic Faunae (Protozoa and Monogenea) of six species of Fish from Euphrates river near Kufa district ( Najaf Al-Ashraf province ) Iraq.(2003).

-Isolation and identification of Trichomonas vaginalis (2005).

- Oral parasite Entamoba gingivalis in Najaf ashraf province (2008).

- Effect of Zingiber officinaland piprazin on Ascaridia galli in chicken . (2009).

- Effect of some environmental factor on the superficioal quality of water in baher-Al.Najaf province .(2009).

- New record to Diplotriaene tricuspw parasitic in birds (2009).

- Studing the effects of extracts Punica granatum L. of treatment disease Cystic Echinococcosis in Balb/c. (2009).

- In vitro Anthelimintic activity of thymus vulgaris , Allium sativum and Rhus coriaria against larvae of contraceacum (Nematod : Ansakide (2009) .

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