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M.B.CH.B. Al-Basrah University, 1995 F.I.C.M.S. Fellowship of Iraqi Committee for Medical specialization, 2001 Assistant professor 2011 -past Jobs & Professional qualification obtained :- *Form Aug. 1995 to Dec 1997 rotation in the teaching hospitals in AL-Basrah and including the following baranches: Gyne & Obst, paediatrices, E.N.T., orthopedics, surgery , emergency unit, medicine, C.C.U. * Form Dec. 1997 to Dec. 2001 as a registrar and senior registrar in radiology during the study for the F.I.C.M.S.Medical city-Baghdad . 2002 2006 Head of department of radiology, College of Medicine-Al-Kufa University .
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In Al sadir medical city in al najaf al ashraf.

weekly sessions for undergraduate students in radiology

weekly sessions for postgraduate studens for diploma degree and fellowship of Iraqi board in radiology

weekly talks on different radiological problems as part of surgical and radiological meeting.

Sharing as examiner in radiology and surgery.

1-The value of Doppler sonography in the deferential diagnosis of the cervical lymphadenopathy

2- The evaluation of sonographic images following upper GIT barium examination

3- The value of Doppler sonography in carotid diseases

4-evaluation of metastatic neck disease in head & neck malignancies

5- the evidences of atherosclerotic changes on abdominal ultrasonography .

6-incidence of tubal blockage in infertile womens using the tradiotional HSG

7-The role of US as preliminary test in diagnosis of chrohn`s disease .

8- role of duplex sonography in differentiation of obstructive from non obstructive nephropathy.

9- Role ofr color Doppler U/S in diagnosis focal liver lesions

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