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UOK A-Z index

Bachelor of chemical engineering from University of Baghdad. Bachelor of Computer Science / Mustansiriya University (the first sequence in college). Master of Computer Science / Institute of Informatics graduate - Iraq Ph.D. Computer Science / Informatics Institute for Graduate Studies - Iraq Higher required PhD / University of Florida - United States
1- C ++

2- Pascal

3- Stenography

4- Neural Network

5- Elearing

1- eLearing

2- Image Processing

3- Computer Graphics

4- Data Structure

1- Heat Transfer in PVC Reactors

2- Petrochemical Industries

3- Cover Optimization for Embedded Secret Data

4- Image in Image Stenography

5- Hide Text in Image using Multilevel Stenography

6- New Concepts in Data Cube Reduction Size

7- Text in Text Steganography

8- NK-Algorithm to Storage Sparse Matrix

NK- Cryptography

9- Skin Texture Recognition using Neural Networks

10- Build Electronic Arabic Lexicon

11- Philosophy of Arabic Prosody Computerized Study and Analysis.

12- NK-Algorithm for Sorting Integer Numbers

13- Comparing Study between Hand and Foot Finger Print

14- Psoriasis Detection, using Skin Color and texture Features.

15- Developing Measurements for Steganography Cover

16- E-learning in Iraq.. Reality and ambition

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