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Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry, Oct.1997- Science college / Baghdad University ,Iraq. M.Sc.in Analytical Chemistry,Jan.1992- Science college / Baghdad University , Iraq. B .Sc. in Chemistry, June 1988- Education college / Salah El-Deen University , Iraq. Diploma of computer ,Dec. 1999 , Mamoun international center, Damascus, Syria . Diploma of English advanced &computer, Jan .2001, Houston, Texas, USA
1-Analytical Chemistry 2- Environmental Pollution.
1-Analytical chemistry.

2- Separation methods.

The effect of mercury on lipid peroxidation and its relation with vitamin (A,E) and essential elements in dentals serum.

J. of Life Sciences, USA. Vol.7, No.4, 2013.

Novel Palladium (II) selective membrane electrode based on phenyl disulfide.

J. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, USA. Vol.7, No.6, 2013.

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