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Birth: 28-11-1972 Graduate: B.SC. from Babylon University, Science College , Physics Dep.(1993-1994) Master Degree: Kufa Univ. , Science Faculty, Physics Department (2012) Master Thesis : Treatment of Breast Cancer by Gamma Photons Irradiation and Nanotechnology Employment Date: 6-10-2001
Enhancement of radiation treatment for cancer

1-Application of high energy photons in medical treatment .

2-Nano particles.

3-Aplication of laser in medical

1-Medical Physics.

2-Modern physics.

3-laser physics.

1-Study of effect of non-central obscuration to obscured

circular aperture on third order spherical aberration

2-Estimation of entrance skin exposure for patients undergoing fluoroscopic examination in shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL)

3-Effect of Ratio of Cobalt on the Hardness for ( WC-Co) Alloys when Irradiated by Electron

4- Mathematical calculation of effective dose from gamma ray sources in nuclear physics lab.

5-Calculation point spread function for elliptical aperture having elliptical obscuration .

6- Treatment of breast cancer by 6 Mev. Gamma photons with gold nano- particles


Measurement of exposure dose due to X- ray in Al-Sader medical city in Al-Najaf city

8- Using gold nanoparticles with high energy gamma photons (6MeV)to treat ovary cancer

9- The enhancement of prostate cancer treatment using gold nanoparticles and high energy photons.

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