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B.En. in avionic electronics engineering from Air force engineering Academic (Yugoslavia) electronic department 1979-1982. M.En, in performance using micro wave in Doppler radar in avionic, from University of Belgrade electronic department 1982-1984. Training course, in automatic aviation control in Russia (four months) 1989. PhD in digital communication engineering (DWT-OFDM technical with DAPSK modulation), from Liverpool Johns Mores UK (LJMU) 2008-20012. - Maintenance engineer & repairing in flying 1986-1992. - Maintenance private engineer television device 1993-1998. Outer Lecturer in technology institute Babylon 1999-2001- Outer Lecturer in technical faculty Najaf 2001-2004- -Lecturer in faculty of engineering since 2001, ahead department electrical engineering 2003-2005.
1. Digital modulation & demodulation.

2. RF signal.

3. Technical discrete transforms (DFT, DCT and DWT).

4. Compression signal.

1. Advance communication.


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