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-2009 .Assistant of Dean for Scientific affair of College of Dentistry/ University of Kufa from 2010. Chief of Scientific committee of College of Education for girls University of Kufa (2003 - 2008) . Chief of Scientific committee of College of Dentistry University of Kufa ( 2010) . Head of Department of Chemistry /College of Science/ University of Kufa from September2011-till now
1.Synthesis of organic compounds and use their as organic agent for the determination of ion metals .

2.Separation of organic compounds and drugs by using Gas Chromatography and High Performance liquid Chromatography.

3. Adsorption of different pollution dyes by using different economic adsorbents..

4.Determination of different drugs and pharmaceuticals via oxidation of coupling reaction .

1- Instrumental of Chemistry and analytical chemistry

2- High performance liquid chromatography

3- Pharmacetical chemistry

4- Advanced High performance liquid chromatography and applications

5- Advanced Gas chromatography and applications

6- Advanced Instrumental of Chemistry

1-Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Themogravimetric Studies of Thallium (II) Complexes with Oxadizole and Triazole Thiodrivatives . Iraqi .J. Sci, Vol 37, No 2, (1996).

2- Determination of Bromide in Sodium Chloride Rocks by New Mode On-Line Automation. Iraqi. J. Sci, Vol 40, (1999).

3- Study and Analysis of Organophosphrus Compounds as Additives To Lubricating Oil by Chromatographic Methods. First Conference of College of Science University of Baghdad April - (1996).

4- Effect of the Compound [Ti (OX)2 C2H5OH on Isolated Intestinal Smooth Muscle in Rat . Iraqi .J. Sci, 40A, (1999).

5- Organo Physical Studies on the Oxidative Coupling Reaction of Phenol with 4- AminoN,N-dimetylaniline in the Presence of Potassium Dichromate. Iraqi .J. of Chim,Vol 25,No 1 , (1999).

6- Formation of Surface Layers on Monocrystalline Subsrate Bi12GeO20. Collection of Scientific Work of the Chemistry, MSAFCT, (1999), Russain.

7- Using Heterogeneous Structure on the Basis of Oxide Compounds of Bismuth as Chemical Sensors. "All Russain Conference (Sensor- 2000), June 2000, 106 pp.

8- Formation of Surface Layers on the Surface of Bismuth Containing Glass with the Purpose of Using Them as Chemical Sonsers . "Six Conference of (Analysis of Siberia and Far East )

Novosibirsk " 2000, 36 pp Russain.

9- Sonser of Gaseous Hydrogen Sulfide and Ways of Making it . Patent, Russain Federation, No 2001113921 (MPK . G01 N27/12.

10-Using Study of Oxide Compounds of Bismuth as Chemical Sensors .J .Micro Elec.Tech, Vol 6, (2001).

11- Preparation, Identification and Analytical Studies of the Ligand 2-[p-(2-Pyrimidyl sulphamyl) phenylazo]-4,5- diphenyl imidazole (PSPAI) and Some of Its Metal Complexes. J. Islamic. Uni.Gaza, Vol 16, No1, (2008). 85pp.

12-Microdetermination study and organo physical properties of 2-Aminophenol and catechol with 4-aminoantipyrine in the presence of potassuim Iodate ; Islamic Univ.J.Vol.17,No:1,(2009)pp25-35.

13-Adsorption Study of Some Sulphanilic Azo Dyes on Charcoal.E-J.of Chemistry Vol 8(2), ,747pp(2011).

14-Rmoval of some cation organic dyes from aqueous solution by using activated charcoal Zanko journal Vol 3, 883pp (2011).

15- Determination ofTrace Amount of Pd(II) andNi(II) with Newly Synthesized Pyrozlon Azo Bromo Phenol by Spectrophotometric Methods.E -J.of Chemistry Vol 8(s1), ,425-433pp(2011).

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