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Birth Day:28-2-1974 Nationality: Iraqi Marital Status: Married No. Child: 3 Work: Teacher Work Date: 26-12-2005 The Work Experience: 9 years
1- Natural Radioactivity Environmental, Biology, and Medical

2- Natural Radioactivity of Gamma Ray, Radon, and Alpha Particles

3- Radiation Detection and Measurements (Scintillation Detector (Na I (Tl))- High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Detector- Exploranium GR-135.

4- Radiation Protection

5- The Statistical of Radioactivity (GenStat, SPSS, OrginLab

Radiation Physics-General Physics-Health Physics-Medical Physics-Biophysics

Physics Statistical

1- Radioactivity level measurement of some cement samples.

2- Exposure Rate Measurements of the Natural Background Radiation in Some Najaf Regions.

3- Radiation hazard indices of soil and water samples in Northern Malaysian Peninsula.

4- Effect of the natural radioactivity concentrations and 226Ra/238U disequilibrium on cancer diseases in Penang, Malaysia.

5- In-Situ Radon Level Measurement for a Tropical Country.

6- 210Pb , 235U , 137Cs , 40K and 222Rn Concentrations in Soil Samples After 2010 Thai and Malaysian Floods

7- Measurements of Alpha Emission Rates in Bones Using CR-39 Track Detector.


9- Measurements of Naturally Occurring 210Pb Concentration in Animals Bones of Northern MalaysianPeninsula.

10- Measurements of Natural Radionuclides and Elemental Concentrations in Chicken and Mice Bones in Penang ,Malaysia.

11- In situ soil 222Rn and 220Rn and their relationship with meteorological parameters in tropical Northern Peninsular Malaysia.

12- Measurement the natural radioactivity of radionuclides that exist in some soil samples from different location in governorate of Kerbala.

13- Calculating radiation dose of radon using technical analysis of the spectrums gamma in Najaf city.

14- Study of Impact of the Radioctive Sources on Human Body.

15- Exposure rate measurements of the natural background radiation in the colleges of science & agriculture- Kufa University.

16- Measurement of radioactivity of surface water and sediments by gamma rays spectra in some of Hilla regions.

17- A use of gamma ray spectroscopy analysis technique to measure the radioactivity for samples of underground water.

18- Determination of radioisotopes in soil samples using NaI (Tl) scintillation detector.

19- Measurements of soil and water radon from Northern region of Malaysian Peninsular.

20- Measurements of naturally occurring 210Pb in human teeth in selected areas in Malaysia using the CR-39 detector.

21- Gamma Spectroscopic of Soil Samples from Kufa in Najaf city, Iraq.

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