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M.Sc. from college of science, chemistry department ,salah aldeen university /Erbil 1986 , Lecturer of kufa university since 30/5/2006.
preparation of organic comps. &polymers & Application of ion exchange
Organic chemistry & Identification of organic comp. &

Ion exchange

1- Quantitative and Qualitative IR studies of some synthesized Aromatic polysulfide. J. Appl . polym. Sci. 1986.

2-Purification of natural hexane from organic compounds.

3- Preparation of new soil conditioner.

4- Preparation of new strong cation exchange resin.

5- preparation of chloromethyl ether .

6- Thermal degradation of styrene and divinyl benzene polymers to prepare styrene and divinyl benzene monomers.

7- Thermal degradation of poly butadiene .

8- Immobilization of Urease Enzyme on Anion Exchange Resin

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