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He holds a master's degree from the University of Babylon - the Republic of Iraq in the jurisdiction of motor learning and teaching methods volleyball in 2003 and also holds a doctorate valuable competence of motor learning and teaching methods basketball in 2008. A member of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, a branch of Najaf (1994-2001) Secretary of the Handball Federation Najaf Branch (1992-3003) Chairman of the Federation gymnastics Najaf Branch (2004-2006) Member of the governing body of Solidarity Sports Club (1991-2004) President of Vanguard Charitable Society branch Najaf National team player to jump free paragliding (1982-1991) Education midfielder and Najaf games (handball, track and field, gymnastics, volleyball) Such as Najaf Sports Club Games (track and field, handball, volleyball, cycling, karate, basketball)
- Research into teaching methods

- Research in motor learning

- Research in volleyball

- Research in basketball

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1 - The importance of the use of mathematical equation proposed to improve the expectations of coaches for the hard-throwing levels.

(Journal of the dam seen - Faculty of Arts - Issue 7 second year)

2 - following courses and sports activities in the development of muscle strength.

(Journal of the dam seen - Faculty of Arts - the second year - Issue X)

3 - The effect of using micro-teaching program in the development of some of the general teaching skills.

(Journal of the College of Education for Girls - Issue 8 fifth year)

4 - The effect of using thinking skills to understand and save the information to the students of the Faculty of Physical Education)

(Journal of the Science of Physical Education - University of Babylon - Fourth Council - Issue 3)

5 - undergraduate degrees systems and their suitability for graduate students.

(Journal of Studies Kufa - number 23 - the sixth year.

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