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Holds an MA and PhD from the University of Kiev Ukraine Republic in the jurisdiction of Measurement and Evaluation of Educational Sciences and Physical Education and Sports and the competence of flour teaching and Tdrejb the sport gymnastics with Gym specialty sports statistics and therapeutic factor analysis in physical education and sport. - Tdrejsa in the colleges of education sports universities Baghdad - Mosul - Salah al-Din (Erbil) - Qadisiyah - and University of Kufa offline Department of Physical Education College of Education and the Faculty of Physical Education mixed. - Run the following tasks: Chairman of the Iraqi Association for Consumer Protection Branch of Najaf (2000) Zabt the reserve physical Tdrejb and Sports Military / Military Academy as 1. 2 K national team coach for ??????? Boys - Girls One of the members of the Iraqi national team in the sport of gymnastics One of the members of the International Regulations for Arbitration in international competitions for sport gymnastics The first of the foundations of El Nashian Boys - girls ??????? in (1968) in the Kadhimiya Youth Center, and Schools civil Maes (1973) in Baghdad received the first recognition to recruit census factor analysis in the design and formulation of scale kinetic capabilities ??????? at the Third Conference of Colleges of Physical Education in Mosul through the research presented for the conference
discuss the importance of employing scientific communication in the Physical Education and Sport (unpublished)

discuss the importance of hiring census factor analysis in physical education and sport

Search in the way of design and drafting standards in physical education and sport using factor analysis census

Search in the way we design and drafting a measure of achievement Olympic sport using the Statistical factor analysis

Search in the way we design and drafting a measure of the kinetic capabilities in the sport of gymnastics

Search in the way we design and drafting scale mental health and fitness using Statistical factor analysis

General Psychology

Educational Psychology

standardization scientific and educational

Teach phenomenology

Standardization educational and scientific (how to design and drafting standards)

Search recreational programs need basic institutes of Access, Third Practical Conference of Colleges of Physical Education 1987 University of Mosul

Search Jamatcetk the devices in Iraq, Qadisiyah University Faculty of Arts, Humanities 2011 magazine, Issue 178

impact exercises using an assistant to develop the technical performance of the two phases of hopscotch and step effectively triple jump. University of Babylon, the Journal of Physical Education, 2011, No. 13

equation Searches for linear distance measurement of the CD-DA vinegar throwing Drirh. Kufa University College of Education for Girls. Journal of Human Sciences, 2011

Using the design and drafting scale kinetic capabilities players Aljmancetk, using factor analysis census. The conference acknowledged that this research is the first of the quality of physical education in the theories of sport worldwide. And recognition of Dr. Nizar student head of the Conference and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education. Mosul University. 1987 (Find inadvertently fell from publication in the Journal of the conference.)

the design and formulation of a rehabilitation measure of the level of achievement Olympic. Did not take the way of the publication of the reasons for carrying counter-terrorism against scientific researcher.

Global design drafting and design scale rehabilitation of the completion of the Olympic football. And did not take the way for publication as mentioned previously.

There are several research available to the researcher, including four research presented to the first scientific Motmr the University of Kufa 1996. No received ???? the way Allen Published in the Journal of the conference, noting that the conference chairman is Prof. Dr. Abdul Ali pumice. Search in the importance of scientific communication (publication - unpublished) in the design and formulation of the concept of scientific and educational standardization.

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