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He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Baghdad in Iraq in the jurisdiction of the philosophy of Physical Education (yard field, Bayomikanek) research scientist in the jurisdiction Albayumikanek sports and Analysis motor for all sporting events private events Games arena and field member of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Dean Faculty of Physical Education since 2009
Study and analysis of sporting events (especially events Games track and field)

Studies in athletic training methods

training in accordance with rules and laws mechanical

Studies in Albayumikanek

kinetic analysis software

Mechanics vital

Athletic Training

Article Games track and field

Kinetic analysis

train speed according to ability - the job, depending on the rest periods to improve bioenergy and its reflection on the kinetic energy and the completion of 100 m

a comparative study between the heroes of the world, Asia, and Arabs in the triple jump

the impact of speed strength training on the development stage of expediting the corner of 100 m

the impact of muscle exercises the ability of the muscle men, according to some of the properties of time in completing the high jump for youth

Use of the proposed training curriculum for developing special and its impact on some functional variables when middle-distance running

some mechanical variables arc rush and its relationship with the variables of motor transport stage advancement and achievement Balothb Higher

mechanical variables to the last step chucking and their relationship to the completion of the javelin

some mechanical variables relationship hard to prepare conditions - quickly moving performance skills of Karate for youth players

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