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Date of first appointment in education : 10/23/1971 teacher in Wasit province, junior ( July 30 ) . And the date of the first set in Higher Education: 12/02/1992 m / Kufa University / College of Education for Girls ( formerly commander College ) . Major / geographical science . Specialization: climate science ( geo- climatic ) . Holds a bachelor's degree in geography / Faculty of Arts, University of Basra 16/08/1970 . And holds a master's degree in geography / Faculty of Arts / University of Basra in 11.05.1988 and a very good grade . And holds a PhD degree in geo- climatic / Faculty of Arts / University of Baghdad in 12.25.1996 and a very good grade . It has got many books thanked the Minister of Higher Education and Dean of the College of Education and President of the University of Kufa and Najaf , and a large number of global and international conferences , and local and discussed a large number of letters and master 's and doctoral thesis as well as straightened .
1. Environment

2. Pollution

3. Irrigation

4. Climate

5. Desertification

6. Health

7. Education

8. Agriculture

1. C . Americas

2. C . Dry Areas

3. C . Weather and Climate

4. Applied Climate

5. Think of a geographical

a- The published and accepted to be published researches;

He had a accomplished a number of the scientific researches that are published in the scientific magazines or, with whishes, he participated in same conferences such as;-

1- A geographic evaluation for the revers and irrigation system in Najaf, the geographic society magazine No. 37. 1998.

2- A Geographic analysis for the spatial relation between the methods of irrigation and damage by slut in Babylon, the Geographic society magazine No. 38. 1998.

3- A Geographic Evaluation and analysis for the natural characteristic’s effect on draining in Al-Hindiyah district/ Karbalaa the Iraqi Geography society Magazine No. 41, 1999.

4- The water needs values of the farm corps the at are calculated climatically in Najaf, the Iraqi Geography Society magazine No. 43. 2000.

5- The geographic characteristics in the governorates of middle Euphrates and its spatial relations with society magazine No. 44. 2000.

6- The environmental pollution of water and it’s futuristic. Effects, the Iraqi Geography society magazine. No. 48. 2002.

7- “The best vitality of the agricultural lands waters in Bahar Al-Najaf area” Geographic society Journal, issue number 51, 2001.

8- “The estimation of Elementary education services in Najaf city center” Al-Qadisya Journal, issue Number 43, 2002.

9- “Measuring the statistic relative efficiency of the Health care in Najaf city” the geographic society journal, issue number 50, 2002.

10- “Noise pollution in the environment and it’s reflects on the industrial environment workers” the Geographic society journal, issue no. 50, 2002.

11- “Analytical study of the climatic properties and the severe weather in Najaf city”. The geographic researches Journal – Kufa University, issue No.2, 2002.

12- “The anticipated climatic and weather changes in the world and its reflected “(Reasons and Results). A study in climatic geography Geographic research Journal, issue no.4, 2002.

13- “the Geographic properties in Muthana Governorate and its spatial relation with the current irrigation system” Al-Qadissya journal, issue no.2, 2004.

14- “Al-Kufa city in the Geographic references since it was established and until the eighth century of Al-Hijra” Kufa studies journal, issue no. 1, 2004.

15- The natural and human properties in the west Mound in Najaf city and its spatial relation with the utility of Available natural resources” Geographic researches journal, issue No.5, 2004.

16- “The Natural properties of Bahar Al-najaf valley and its developmental horizons”. Najaf studies, issue No.3, 2003.

17- “the climatic properties in Najaf city and its efficiency with yellow corn growth and production” Geographic research journal, issue No.5, 2004.

18- The Geographic properties in Al-Muthana Governorate and its spatial relation with the current irrigation system effectiveness”. Al-Qadissya Journal, issue No.2, 2004.

19- Analyzing the Quantitve Differentiation of the educational growth in Middle Euphrates fot the period (1977 – 1997)”, co-research with Dr. Hussein Ge’az. Al-Sadeer journal, issue No. 6, 2005.

20- “Estimation of the Geographic distribution efficiency in the green areas in Najaf city”. Co-research with Dr. Ali Mahdi Al-Dyjayli. Geographic Researcher journal, issue No.6, 2005.

21- Analyzing the chronology of the rains in Iraq and determining the dry years and predicting them” the geographic research journal, issue No.6, 2006.

22- “the Dissertation phenomena as a critical Environmental Issue”: A Geographical study and its dimensions and reasons internationally and globally”. The Geographical researches journal, issue No.9, 2008.

23- Estimating the water – Irrigation status in Middle

24- Geographical analysis of the human and natural Geographical properties in Middle east Governorates and its spatial relation with the regional specification”. Geographical Researches Journal, issue no.8, 2007.

25- Climatic changes in the atmosphere and its vital effects on living creatures (plants and animals)”. The Geographical researches Journal, issue no.11, 2009.

26- “Aspects of Geographical thought in Holy Quran”. Geographical Researches journal, issue no. 10, 2009.

27- “Global warming phenomena and its environmental effects”. The seminar Held by College of education for girls about the global warming, march, 2009.

28- “the Environmental pollution by acid rains and its Environmental effect” A seminar held by the college of Arts/ university of Kufa, 2009. “Estimating the efficiency of Irrigation methods in Middle east area”. Geographic researches journal, issue no. 12, 2010.

29- “Estimating the efficiency of Irrigation methods in Middle east area”. Geographic researches journal, issue no.12, 2010.

30- “the Issue of Saltness in Middle east area by using Information system GIS” the Geographic researches journo, 2009.

31- The climatic changes in the world and its effects on Human Health”. Climatic changes Seminar, college of education for girls, 18th march, 2010.

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