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She holds a master's degree in physical chemistry of Kufa University / College of Education for Girls Chemistry Department. Associate chemical for the period from 2002-2005 and Assistant Lecturer for the period of 2006-2009 and an assistant professor 2012, and holds a certificate IC3 International Computer Center at the University of Kufa and teaching in the Department of Chemistry and participate in several conferences and scientific symposia within the country and I have many published research within the country and outside the country in field physical chemistry and water purification of toxic pollutants.
Study to get rid of toxic substances in Bio methods

Study of water purification using inexpensive materials

Preparation dyes contaminated water and disposal methods

Study of the adsorption kinds of toxic materials and dyes

Study of thermodynamic functions and kinetic adsorption compounds

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Electro chemistry .

Surface chemistry &catalysts

Analytical Chemistry


decision of the Department of Chemistry for the years 2006-2011

1 Adsorption of some water-Soluble organic dyes on powder Bentonite J. of Thekar Sci

No.2 Vol. 6 2001

2 Adsorption of some dyes Congo red , Giemsa Stain , Eriochrome black by powder magnetic charcoal in aqueous solution ??????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????? /????? ???? 2006

3 Using White Iraqi Kaolin Clay Surface In Adsorption of Some Dyes J. of kufa. Univ. 2007

4 Behavior Adsorption Study of Phenol,Picric acid and p-Amino phenol By Powder Bentonite Iraqi J.Sci 2008

5 Thermodynamic study of phenol , O-hydroxy phenol , p-amino phenol and 2,4,6-trinitro phenol Adsorption charcoal derived from coconut shell J . of Karbala 2010

6 Adsorption Study of Rhodamine 6G,Fast green FCF,Carmine on charcoal derived from apricots seed surface J. of mustansiria 2010

7 Adsorption of Fe+3 , Cr+3 , Cd+2 ions from aqueous solution on red Kaolin Iraqi J.Sci

No.29 Vol 29 2010

8 ??????? ????? ???? ??????? ??????? ???????? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ?? ???????? ??? ??? ?????? ??????? ???? ???? ??????? ????????/????? ???? 2010

9 Removal of Aniline,p-hydroxy aniline ,p-nitro aniline ,p-chloro aniline from wastewater by charcoal derived hazelnut shell J. of Thekar Sci

No.3 Vol. 6 2010

10 Thermodynamics Study for Adsorption of Dyes on The Iraqi Kaolin Clay Surface J. of Thekar Sci

No.4 Vol. 6 2011

11 Equilibrium Studies of Crystal Violet and Brilliant Green Dyes on Modified Charcoal J.of kufa by chem.Sci.

No.4 Vol. 1 2012

12 Thermodynamic Study of Fe+3 , Cr+3 and Cd+2 Ions Adsorption on Charcoal Derived from Walnut Shell j.of Pakistan


13 Granite Sand as an Adsorption Surface for the Removal of Br- Phenol red , Br- Cresol Green and Leishman's stain from Aqueous Solutions j.of Basrah Sci 2012

14 Biosorption studies of Cyanide Ion from Wastes by Spent Black Tea Leaves

J.of kufa by chem.Sci.

No.5 Vol. 1 2012

15 Use of Charcoal Derived from Bamboo for adsorption of dyes I.J. C.R.

Vol. 5, Issue, 5, May, 2013 2013

16 Utilization of Cement Kiln Dust for Removal of Some Water –Soluble Dyes Euro.journal

Vol .93,no.1 2013

17 Adsorption Isotherm of dyes from Aqueous Solutions on Spent tea leaves issue 3 v. 1 IJAST 2013

18- Removal of azo compounds from aqueous solutions by the process of adsorption on Bentonaite surfaces JCCS 2013

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