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B.Sc in chemistry from Baghdad university-College of education-Ibn-Al-Haitham(1968) . Administrator Assistance of Imam Ali school (Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf-1976-1985). Administrator of Imam Ali school (Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf-1985-1987). M.Sc and Ph.D from Baghdad university-College of education-Ibn-Al-Haitham (1989, 1996) in analytical chemistry. President of chemistry department college of science-Kufa university (1997-1999). Scientific assistance of dean college of science-Kufa university (1999-2002).
Solvent extraction

Study about environmental pollution for water and soil

Extraction of micro amount of elements in environmental and vital samples

Liquid ion exchange

Cloud point extraction

Preparation of organic compound and use it as complexing agents for metals extraction

Using of Macrocyclic compound like cryptands and crown ethers for metals extraction

Gas chromatography and high liquid performance liquid chromatography

Study about extraction of organic compound by cloud point extraction

Separation methods

Instrumental chemistry

Quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis

Environmental pollution

Radical chemistry

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