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Job title Current: Head of kindergarten / College of Basic Education / University of Kufa holds a doctorate (1998) in the Andalusian literature from the University of Kufa and holds a master's degree in literature Abbasi (1987) from the University of Mustansiriya and a bachelor's degree (1977) in English and Literature from the University of Mustansiriya.
elite of poets al-Bayt, peace be upon them in Andalusia

nth months poems in poetry Andalusian

Abu Nawas gray Andalusia

enthusiasm in Khafajah hair

poet the Almohad I'm forced Mursi.

fancy in Nahj

intellectual assets in Kadhimiya debates.

Love in the Holy Quran

allegiance Bourne in Andalusian poetry

childhood and children's rights when Imam Musa ibn Ja'far (peace be upon him)

childhood and children's rights at the Fatima Zahra (peace)

Tiviat Seatri between fact and fiction

Literature children between the methodology and application

Alqtov thriving in childhood colorful in Najaf published by the French Academy in French

Andalusian literature

literature Abbasi

Islamic literature and Umayyad

Pre-Islamic Literature


recitation and memorizing

Literature later times

Arab public

history of the emergence and development of kindergartens

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