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M.Sc and Ph.D from Manchester University and Keele University (United Kingdom ) in Mathematical Statistics. Statistician at AAH Meditel, Great Bratain (1990-1991). Research fellow at Imperial College- University of London (1991 – 1992). Senior Statistician at Sandoz Swiss pharmaceutical company in Great Britain (1992 – 1994). Senior Statistician at Keele University in Great Britain (1997 – 2000). Consultant Statistician at Mount Vernon Hospital (NHS Trust)- Cancer Centre in London (2000 – 2003). Consultant Statistician at Institute of psychiatry, King’s College university of London (2003 – 2005). International Collaborator at the Arab Science and Technology Foundation at Sharjah, UAE (volunteer work) (2005 – 2007). Head of Computer science department at Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Kufa since 2008.
1. Mutivariate Anaslysis and it Application on (a) Images Processing (b) Infertility in Man and Women (c) Mental Health (d) Cancer Data

2. Longitudinal studies of health

3. Multievel Analysis

1. Statistical inference: Parametric and Non-Parametric

2. Statistical Methods

3. Statistics in Medicines

5. Multivariate Analysis

6. Fitting Statistical Models

7. Survival Analysis and Life Tables

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