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I graduated BA degree and MA degree from university of Baghdad in republic of Iraq , specialized in Education in Educational psychology in department in Educational psychological sciences of college of Education Ibn-Rushed , currently Ph.D. student the final stage in research and work teaching in college of Basic Education in university of Al-Kufa in Kindergarten section.
•Social and ethical studies

•Islamic and aesthetics studies

•Psychological and medical studies

•Educational studies

•Cognitive development studies

•Evolutionism and growth studies

•Social and technical studies

1-A comparative study in achievement and psychological adjustment and gander between high/low creative thinking ,students in secondary stage at Baghdad /journal of Educational and psychological sciences ,number22 in 2008.

2- Measurement of psychological adjustment among the students of the university for the fourth phase in the Department of Educational and Psychological Sciences. Journal of Educational and psychological, number 338 in 2009.

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