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1. Name: Dr. Ali Mahdi Jawad Al- Dujaili 2. Marital status: Married 3. Date of Birth: 1966. 4. Gender: male Religion: Moslem Nationality: Iraqi 5. First date of appointment in teaching: 1-4-1992 6. First date of appointment in an university: 1-4-1996 7. Major specialization: Geography 8. Minor specialization: Climate Second: Scientific certificates: A. B. A., 1984-1988 University of Baghdad B. M. A., 1993-1995 University of Baghdad C. Ph. D., 1997-2001 University of Baghdad Third: scientific promotions: A: lecturer, 2001. B: Assistant Professor, 2007. C: Professor, 2012
1. Pollution

2. Climate

3. Environment

4. Education

The general climate , Applied climate , geographical statistics . Hydrological science , agricultural problems , the problems of climate , the general climate , Applied climate , natural resources.
1- The characteristics of agricultural production of Kufa district.

2- The general trend analysis and forecasting of rain quantity in Iraq.

3- Efficient evaluation of geographical distribution of green areas in the city of Najaf.

4- General Trend and forecasting of Predicted temperature In Basra Climatic Station.

5- Calculation of Net Solar Radiation in Iraq and Applications.

6- Analysis of the relationship between cloudiness and solar radiation in Iraq.

7- Terrestrial Radiation Relation with Temperature in Iraq For (1970-2007).

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