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Deploma in health society from foundation of technical education -technical institute of kufa in 1993 B.Sc. in biology-microbiology from college of science in Al-Mustanseria university in 1997-1998 Msc. Department of Biology -food and industerial AL-kufa Univercity -college of sciences in year 2001-2003 Ph.D. Department of Biology -food toxines AL-kufa Univercity -college of sciences in year 2010-2011 Degree: lecturer in 7-8-2007 Current degree: Ass.Prof. in 13-8-2013 Date of working : 16-5-1999 State of married: marriage and have one child
Medical research build up-Agricultures applications

Residence of teaching cycles of students -teak of lacture and Msc,PhD
1. A Study of effc iency of Saccharomyces cerevisia e in reducing the toxic effects of aflatoxin B1andB2in the vital systems of male albino rat

2. A study of efficiency of extract of Trigonella foenum graceum in reduceing the toxic effects of aflatoxin B1andB2 of male albino rat.

3. A study of effect of Nigella sative oil on some of treatment by aflatoxins B1,B2 the physiological and biochemical parameteres of male albion rat s.

4. Effected of antibiotic and chemical fertilizer in growth of bacteria Azospirillum irakense .

5. Integration of bio-cidal Bacillin with chemical fungicide Ticghazole in control of wheat damping off disease caused by fungs Rhizoctonia solan i ..

6. Response Triticum sativum and Hordium gorps to bio-fertilizer of bacteria Azospirillum irakense

7. the role types of bacteria Azospirillum and pseudomonas fluorescens CHAO in growth crops yellow corn.

8. anihibiter activity of Thymus in growth bacteria Salmonella typhmiru m.

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