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UOK A-Z index

B.A. in Environmental engineering science (2005-2009) from College of Engineering , Al-Mustansiriya University. M.A. in Science of Urban & Regional Planning (2009-2012) from Center of Urban & Regional Planning for post graduate , Baghdad University.
1-Land use planning

2-Urban & Regional Planning

3-Environmental science

4-Spatial Suitability For different Functional Activities

5-Environmental Planning

6-Urban Renewal & History Cities

7-Geographical information system Applications (GIS) .

8-Sustainable development

1-Urban planning

2-Regional planning

3-Fundamental of Geographical information system Applications (GIS)

4-Urban & Rural Environment

5-Neibourhood Planning

6-Land use planning

7-Master plans preparing

8-Housing planning

-Evalauaton of sustainability of water resourses for Al-Najaf governorate .

- The use of spatial analysis methodology in the evaluation of the spatial suitability for the urban expansion for the city of Kut .

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