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UOK A-Z index

BDS from Mosul University ,M.Sc from Bagdad University & now PhD student in Bagdad University.
1. Dental implant

2. Osseointegration

3. Biomaterials in dental implant

4. Fracture healing

5. Socket healing

6. Soft tissue healing

• Oral histology

• Implantology

• Embryology

• Biotechnology

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2. Ahmad B. (2010).Evaluation the effect of the light cure used in operative dentistry on the gingiva; Kufa Med. J.13(1)

3. Ahmad B.,Al-Sandok T.& Mohammed Sh. (2010). The Effects of the Iraqi Propolis on the Artificial Bony Defects on the Rabbit’s Mandible; Kufa Med. J.13(1)

4. Ahmad B. (2010). Enhancement soft tissue healing by using platelets rich plasma in rabbit; Karbala J. Med. 3(1)

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