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Upgrade date : 17 / 4 /2006. Major: Islamic Ph.D. Specialization: Theology ( beliefs ) Junior graduate of Najaf for Boys arts section 1982. He holds a bachelor's degree in Sharia and Islamic Studies from the Faculty of Jurisprudence in 1986, a very good grade . He holds a master 's degree in religion from Baghdad University / Faculty of Islamic Sciences in 1992. Thesis ( Sherif Matrudi speaking ) , magna cum laude very high. He holds a doctorate in Islamic philosophy, theology from the University of Kufa , Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy , 1996. Thesis address ( divine presence when Ibn Abi iron ) a very good grade . Print House of Wisdom , Baghdad, 2010, Was appointed professor in the Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Arts / University of Kufa , dated 08/02/1992 . Served as the decision of the Department of Philosophy / Faculty of Arts for the academic year 1992 1993 m . March of university education in Libya for seven years in: 1. The ???????? University of Islamic Sciences / Faculty of Theology of the year 1998 , 2004 . 2. October University / Faculty of Arts / Department of explanation, during the academic year 2004 2005 m . Worked as a professor of graduate studies in Libya / observatory University / Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Department interpretation. Currently a professor of Islamic theology for the two phases ( graduate ) and ( BSc) at the Faculty of Jurisprudence / University of Kufa. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder
Monument attention on doctrinal areas of research, and study the speech for each band of Muslim sects, and the dialogue of civilizations, and the interest of the other whatever that other religion, color or race.

Islamic difference

Islamic mysticism

Comparative Religion

Islamic Philosophy

Divine presence when son of Abu iron.

Dogmatic oriented at the thought of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim (may) Tawhid and prophecy _ model _

Religious discourse between the negative inertia and the need for renewal.

Interpretation: Mind, transportation, problematic to reconcile.

Imamate at the thought of Mr. Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim.

The other in the perspective of Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq (AS).

Summary of Unity at the thought of Sheikh Tusi.

Deferral intellectual reading in its effects on the individual and society.

Religious thought between substance and perceptions.

Islamic mysticism roles and notify him until the end of the fifth century AH.

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