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She holds a master's degree in Arabic language and literature specialization of accurate - about the exchange - from the Department of Arabic Language - Girls College of Education - University of Kufa, a doctoral student at the present time, practiced teaching at the Faculty of Jurisprudence - University of Kufa since 2006 in a number of sections of scientific, superviseda number of research in preliminary studies, and participated in a number of different committees of scientific goals, educational, and participated in a number of scientific conferences held in the Faculty of Jurisprudence, and the University of Kufa, as well as conferences held at the Islamic University, and the University of Babylon.
Quranic Research

Linguistic research

Acoustic and morphological studies in grammatical inherited Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them)

Studies semantic

Rhetorical Studies

Quranic Readings

Nahu & Sarf



Recitation and provisions

Library and Research Methodology

Angels words in the Quran / study of morphological Tag.

Express and apply it in the Koran.

Surat Zelzela in the Quran - Linguistic Study

The efforts of scientists seminary in Najaf in thier explain for Al-motawal

Surat Ibrahim in the Koran - Linguistic Study

The sanctity of blood - in the perspective of Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq, peace be upon him.

Epithet among grammarians and Albulageyen.

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