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He holds a master's degree and doctorate from the University of Kufa and Baghdad University in the Republic of Iraq in the jurisdiction (Literature eras of late and achieve the texts), Scientific Researcher earlier in the Center for the Study of Kufa, of the University of Kufa, managing editor of Center for the Study of Kufa, the head of manuscripts and documents in the Center for the Study of Kufa. Teaching at the Faculty of Jurisprudence. And director of quality and accreditation in the Faculty of Jurisprudence.
* Literary studies

* Lattice studies

* Historical Studies

* Literature late eras

* Achieving texts

* Offers and rhyme

* Rhetoric

* Radi poet Khalifa study purposes and characteristics, Journal of College of Basic Education / University of Mustansiriya No. 62 Volume 16 of the year 2010.

* Court Shams al-Din Muhammad ibn Ahmad the kufi study preacher collection, published in the Journal of Studies Center of Kufa, No. XV 2009.

* Rhetoric in the Arab Abbasid first objective study of art / published in the Journal of Qadisiyah, College of Education, the number (IV), Volume VII, 2008.

Mujahid bin Suleiman Al-Khayat his life and the rest of poetry

Riad Hamza Ali Sher poetry study in form and content

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