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She holds a master's degree \ 2007 \ and doctoral \ 2011 \ University of Kufa in the jurisdiction of Sharia and Islamic Studies \ science and interpretation of the Koran. She served as Director of Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Jurisprudence in 2011. Holds many books thanks and appreciation certificates from multiple destinations including: Faculty of Jurisprudence, University of Kufa, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Heritage Foundation martyr al-Hakim, Cultural House in Najaf, the Islamic College University, the Council of the province of Najaf, the civil administration in the province Najaf, the Secretariat of the Alawia threshold of the sacred.
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* Quran Sciences

* Substantive explanation

* Interpretation of the Koran

* Curricula interpreters

* history of Quran

Approach Mr. Hakim in terms of science interpretation

Imam Hussein (AS) the conscience of the Liberals in the world

Imamate and political rights of minorities Imam Ali (AS) model

Scientific explanation for the spherical earth in the Quran when the commentators

Interpretation of the Quran Quran and its impact on the substantive approach when applicants and latecomers

Quranic discourse types the knowledge of the public and private sectors

Overall resources and detail in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah

Aware of the arbitrator and of Like

Approach Mr. Hakim in terms of science interpretation

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