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1. Attention to issues relating to the science of climate and climate change , including global and local .

2. Attention to air Balanwae and climate forecasts .

3. Attention to issues related to the environment and pollution , problems and solutions.

4. Attention to issues relating to natural resources , water resources and others.

5. Attention to issues related to sustainable development in all areas of Applied Geoscience .

6. The interest in geographic information systems and statistical analysis methods geographical location.

1 . Interest in teaching Applied Climate

2. Interest in teaching techniques geographical

3 . Interest in teaching geography of agricultural

4 . Interest in teaching geography General

5. Interest in regional geographic teaching of Iraq and the Arab world

6 . Interest in teaching geography of the Arab world

7 . Interest in teaching geography and regional plumb

T. Title Place of Publication Year of Publication

Regions of the appropriate climate for the cultivation of fruit trees in Iraq Journal of Kufa etiquette / 35 2001

The development of religious tourism in the holy city of Najaf Geographic Research magazine / 5 2002

Climate impact on traffic accidents in the city of Najaf for the period 95 /2000 Accepted for publication Journal of Human Sciences - University of Karbala 2003

1. Global warming and its impacts in Iraq Geographic Research magazine / 12 2006

2. Iraq 's air pollution causes and results Cilhkadsahalcild 14 Issue 1 2008

3. Global climate change and raised on the current and future climate of the Arab world and the solutions proposed to address negative impacts and reduction of Journal of Studies Babylon ( accepted for publication ) 2012

4. Climate and natural vegetation and the possibility of investment and development in Najaf, Babel Journal of Human Sciences (accepted for publication ) 2012

5. Study and analysis of the path of dust storms in the Karbala Karbala magazine for Human Sciences (accepted for publication ) 2012

6. Climatic changes and dust storms in Baghdad, " a geographical study and analysis " Journal of safe " accepted for publication " 2012

7. Water resources management and its role in addressing the crisis of water in arid regions

( Desert region in Iraq - a case study journal Proceedings of the annual World Water Research Organization Auarabiyh to the environment , water and desert 2012

8. Dust storms and their environmental impacts on the human centers stability

In the Iraqi desert plateau region ( the causes of and treatments ) journal Proceedings of the International Conference on " Protecting the environment and the preservation of water quality ask to enhance agricultural production and guarantee food security and sustainable development" in Turkey 2012

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